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Why Domain Name Monitoring is more important now than ever!

By now most brand owners have heard of the changing domain name landscape.

Brand owners need to prepare for an increased threat of “cybersquatting”; where third parties register brands of an established business/mark for monetary gain.

With start this summer, we are going to see a flood of new domain name spaces. We will see new domain name spaces opened such as .online, .website, .store, .buy etc.

This will create millions of new domain names and websites, providing fresh channels for cybersquatters to hijack brand names for their own sites and siphon consumer traffic and revenue.

Half the problem will be that brand owners will not have any visibility of who is registering their brands, particularly if there are over 1000 new spaces to monitor.

Domain Name Monitoring is one of the tools that allow brand owners to counter the cyber squatter threat. CoreBiz Solutions Domain Name Monitoring picks up any third party domain name registrations and our consultants notifies the brand owner shortly after the registration occurs.

This allows brand owners to quickly respond to third party registrations, and works to prevent brand damage and theft.

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