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1st New gTLD’s Could Be Delegated As Soon As Aug 28th w/ Sunrise Ending Oct 27th

On June 5, ICANN laid out a “best case scenario” for when the first new gTLD’s  might roll out.

According to a time line laid out by ICANN the first new gTLD could be delegated to the root as early as August 28, 2013 in which event the Sunrise notice for trademark and other rights holders for the new gTLD could start the following day August 29th.

Based on that time line the Sunrise notice period would then run from August 29th-September 27th where trademark holders would be made away of the new gTLD and the opening of the Sunrise period and the actual Sunrise period where trademark and rights holder could actually register domain name in Sunrise would open on September 28th and close on October 27th 2013.

After Sunrise the new gTLD’s will have a landrush period for those willing to pay premium amounts for the first shot at domain names not taken in Sunrise.

After the landrush period, the new gTLD would open up for General Availability meaning domains could be registered live, on a first come first serve basis.

ICANN pointed out several times that the time line was a best case and could be taken off course by a whole bunch of factors and issues.