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Winners Announced for First Six gTLD Auctions

The results of the first six gTLD auctions are now available.

Donuts lost five out of the six auctions, and are now equipped with more money to fuel their efforts in future auctions. They’ll need it, after all, for their 307 total gTLD applications.

The company behind this round of auctions, Innovative Auctions, revealed that this go-around has raised $9.01 million.

The results of the auction are as follows:

.club – .CLUB Domains

.college –

.luxury – Luxury Parners

.photography – Donuts

.red – Afilias

.vote – Monolith Registry

What does this mean for the gTLD community? The companies associated with each domain above are highly likely to run those domains when the entire process is said and done, even if their applications have not yet passed Initial Evaluation.