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85 New gTLD Pass ICANN IE, 7 Go To Extended Evaluation; 1 Fails: Passing .Rio; .NetFlix; .Ping; .Lamborghini .Tiffany

85 new gTLD applications passed ICANN Initial Evaluation today.

In a record setting week where 7 applications were send to extended evaluation and one geographic new gTLD failed the application process and is not eligible for extended evaluation.

The 7 New gTLD applications that are heading for extended evaluation are:

818 FRL Metaregistrar B.V.
1186 EXPRESS Express, Inc.
1798 ECO Planet Dot Eco, LLC
1723 SHAW Shaw Cablesystems G.P.
1710 OLAYAN Olayan Investments Company Establishment
1483 ALCON Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
1515 REXROTH Bosch Rexroth AG

Its interesting to note that one of the applications heading off for extended evaluation is that of .Express who actually filed and lost a Legal Rights Objection to the only other applicant for .express which is Donuts.

.FRL was not found eligible as a  geographic community.  That application was for the “Frisian people living in Friesland, Frisians living in other part of the Netherlands, and Frisians living abroad and wanting to identify themselves with the Frisian culture and heritage.”

The one application failing and not eligible for extended evaluation is .TAIPEI which was applied for by the Taipei City Government.

Leading the pack this week of notable new gTLD’s passing IE  is two Geographic applications one for the city of Rio’s new gTLD of .Rio the home of the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games and one for  a huge tourist destination .BARCELONA.

New gTLD passing ICANN IE today include the brand applications for the online network .Netflix; .; Golf equipment maker Ping’s application for .Ping; a car manufacture you might have heard of .Lamborghini.; Global Jewelry brand .Tiffany; Dish Networks application for .Dish; Banking Giant BB&T Banks  application for .BBT; Global equipment manufacture .HITACHI; Gallo Vineyards application for .Gallo; Symantec Corporation application for .Symantec; and Intuit the makers of Quicken application for .Intuit.

Some generic’s passing today Google’s application for .Lol; one of L’Oréal Closed Generic  new gTLD .Skin; and one of the two applicants for .Church

ICANN has now evaluated all applications with a prioritization number through 1,800 with 1,668 being decided.