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First new gTLD Sunrise Period announced

The time has come; the internet expansion is imminent. ARI Registry Services’ application for .شبكة (pronounced .shabaka or .network if translated into English) will be the first new gTLD on the internet. The Sunrise Notice for .شبكة was issued on 31 October 2013.

According to ARI Registry Services, .شبكة should “promote innovation and growth in the Arabic literate Internet community by creating a globally recognised but regionally significant namespace in the Arabic script dedicated to the specific needs of the community”.

There is just one eligibility requirement: only Arabic terms are permitted to be registered at the second level. Therefore, owners of Arabic trademarks that are in the Trademark Clearinghouse may be particularly interested in the Sunrise period.

There are three key phases fundamental to launching the TLD:

According to .شبكة’s Launch Policy, the 90-day Trademark Claims may be extended. Should this occur, ARI Registry Services will notify trademark holders through their website and via any other means deemed appropriate.

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