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New gTLDs Reach 400,000 Domain Name Registrations

New gTLDs Reach 400,000 Domain Name Registrations (.email had a good first day)

According to there are now 391,420 New gTLD domain names in 49 New gTLD strings.

These numbers only include domain names that are in the zone files. i.e. they have nameservers. I estimate that about 2% of the domains don’t have nameservers.

If you count the 2 IDN New gTLDs that I don’t count or list here, the strings that are not yet into proper general availability (.camp, .education, .glass, .institute, .repair), strings that have not completed sunrise and of course the domains that are not in the zone files then the number is well above 400,000.

There are now 49 (latin) New gTLDs that are into the proper (non EAP) general availability. 43 are from Donuts. The leader is still

.guru with 46,458 registrations while .berlin is second with 42,827 domain names.