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NEW GTLD Are Superior To .COM Domains

The Proof is in the Data – Not-Coms Are Superior To Legacy Domains

By Richard Tindal

The “not-com” movement is kicking into high gear. During the first two months of 2016, not-coms made their Super Bowl debut and the highly-anticipated .WINE and .VIN extensions launched. While we’re only entering the second year of not-com availability, we’re already seeing a significant shift in the domain marketplace.

Businesses and consumers are embracing not-com extensions because they are superior in quality to their outdated legacy counterparts. The proof is in the numbers.

  • Total not-com registrations surged past 15 million – growing by 1 million during a 5-day period alone – triple the fastest growth rate ever achieved by not-coms.
  • Nearly 60% of Donuts registered names have the corresponding .COM address available. While it is obvious that there is an availability problem for good .COM names, this data shows that businesses and consumers actually prefer not-com extensions even when the exact .COM match is available (e.g. abcdef.tld was registered while is available).

The availability comparisons for .NET, INFO, BIZ and US are even more telling. Those names are still available for 85%+ of the registered Donuts names. Clearly businesses and consumers prefer meaningful and memorable names versus settling for an obvious second choice.

Not-com renewal rates are 40 percent higher than those of .COM. Since launching in 2014, renewal rates for not-coms have been around 68 percent while Verisign finally admitted, during its most recent earnings call, that renewals for .COM names registered in 2014 and 2015 have fallen below 50 percent.

The launch of not-coms wasn’t just about creating more domains, but about better, more relevant domains. With elite brands migrating from dot-com to not-com and consumer awareness increasing every day, the demand that many anticipated for relevant and meaningful domain extensions has come to fruition. During just the past year Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Barclays, General Motors, Lionsgate, Marriott, McDonald’s and Taco Bell all put not-com naming options to use.

There is a distinct sense around the Web that change is in the air. We have reached a tipping point for awareness and adoption of not-coms, and the data paints a clear picture that new domains extensions are superior to their legacy counterparts