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CoreBiz Solutions mer än dubblar omsättningen för 3:e året i rad, samt växer nu med fler erfarna domänexperter som stärker vårt redan erfarna team.

Copenhagen to host global ICANN Internet conference

In 2017, the annual ICANN Internet Conference will take place in Copenhagen where more than 2,000 leading members of the Internet community will meet.

Hvilke toppdomener du velger å registrere bedriftens foretaksnavn og varemerker under har betydning for dine treff hos søkemotorer som for eksempel Google®.

7 new gTLDs were delegated

2 August 2016

2 August 2016

2 August 2016

2 August 2016

2 August 2016

2 August 2016

2 August 2016


On 27 July 2016, Power Auctions LLC, ICANN’s authorized auction service provider, conducted a New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Program auction to resolve contention for .WEB and .WEBS.

Vi är glada att kunna meddela er att vi skapat en unik design tillsammans med Fondberg & Co AB. Vi har skapat en skräddarsydd landningssida som exponerar Fondberg &

The Proof is in the Data – Not-Coms Are Superior To Legacy Domains


By Richard Tindal

The “not-com” movement is kicking into high gear.

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New gTLDs Gain Momentum in the Search Environment Details


As hundreds of new domain extensions entered the market in 2014, one question was on everyone’s mind: how would they perform in search?

Med många nya generiska toppområden (gTLD), kommer flera marknadsförare bli glada över att de för närvarande kommer att få en webbadress som bäst beskriver deras företag eller företag.

Vi är glada över att ännu ett ledande känt klädvarumärke väljer vår strategiska domänhantering och erfarenhet inför kommande år.

Kain Automotive has changed their domain name from to the new gTLD Kain.Auto becoming one of the first registrants of the new gTLD .auto.

Vi hjälper företag förstå hur de kan använda, driva trafik samt tjäna pengar på att använda de nya generiska toppdomänerna. Nya affärsmöjligheter online och nya landningssidor kan hjälpa er att nå nya målgrupper!

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N) has been lobbying to stay off a U.S. blacklist for fakes after coming under renewed pressure this year over suspected counterfeits sold on its shopping platforms.

This morning in a Swedish national newspaper we noticed one headline article after another discussing how the world’s major brands had launched their own top-level domain websites.

Three and a half years have passed since the gTLD application window opened in early 2012. Since that date, 2000 initial applications have so far turned into 703 new top-level domains containing over 6,500,000 domains[1].

Domain Name Extension
Sunrise Start
Application End

17 June 2015, 00:00hrs
13 August 2015, 15:00hrs

1 July 2015, 18:00hrs
27 August 2015, 15:00hrs

9 July 2015, 23:00hrs
4 September 2015, 15:00hrs

13 July 2015, 22:00hrs
8 September 2015, 15:00hrs

22 July 2015, 23:00hrs
20 August 2015, 15:00hrs


Google pays dearly for rights to control .App domain name.

Google has won the rights to operate the .App top level domain name after paying what may be a record-breaking price for a top level domain name.

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From 1pm, 30 September 2014, people will be able to register shorter, simpler, more representative names immediately before the .nz.

All existing options like, and will continue to work.

Starting today, June 17,2014, anyone in Norway will be able to register their own .NO domain name.

Up until now, only businesse and other organisations were able to register a .NO domain name.

Nominet announced today that over 50,000 .UK domain names were registered within 24 hours of opening for registration, making this one the fastest selling new domain name released on record.

Nominet has announced that their controversial .uk domain names will be available for registration from June 10th 2014, with first refusal being given to the existing domain name holder.

Yesterday marked the first day of General Availability for several new domain extensions (new gTLD’s) and .Ninja led the way ending with 5,200 registrations. 

New gTLDs Reach 400,000 Domain Name Registrations (.email had a good first day)

According to there are now 391,420 New gTLD domain names in 49 New gTLD strings.

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The number of domain names in new gTLDs passed 200,000 last night, according to zone files.

The exact number, according to the DI PRO database, is 201,184.

There were 41,880 registered domains in the first eight new gTLDs as of last night’s zone files, half of which belong to .guru.

Nominet is to start selling .uk domain names at the second level for the first time on June 10 this year.

Here is your launch guide

Sunrise phases for trademark protection

The Sunrise phases for new gTLDs are about to get in full swing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and seize the new gTLD chance to protect trademarks on the Internet.

Career counsellors, Photographers, Food lovers and Shoe addicts will find
themselves amazed with these domain names that reflect their interests.

It appears that recently the Internet has run out of four-letter domain names within .COM extension. Not only does it refer to four-letter words that can be pronounced, such as or, but also to any possible four-letter combinations.

Google has signed its first Registry Agreement with ICANN, covering the new gTLD .みんな.

The string means “everyone” in Japanese.

Donuts today kicks off the Sunrise periods for its first seven new gTLDs, the first English-language strings to start their priority registration periods for trademark owners.

Starting next year, you’ll be able to register, rather than only third-level names such as and

Donuts, a registry that applied for more than 300 gTLDs during the first round of ICANN’s New gTLD Program, announced yesterday that Sunrise registration for trademark holders will commence on November 26, 2013, and end on January 24, 2014, for the following seven (7) New gTLDs:








Donuts further announced that they expect to launch additional New gTLDs in weekly batches from this point forward.

The time has come; the internet expansion is imminent. ARI Registry Services’ application for .شبكة (pronounced .shabaka or .network if translated into English) will be the first new gTLD on the internet.

ICANN has delegated the first new gTLDs to the DNS root.

All four of the first batch of internationalized domain names appear to be present right now in root zone file:

DotAsia, the organization which oversees ‘.asia’ internet addresses, is for the first time releasing single and double character domain names.

Rights holders and interested parties can benefit from priority access to register these valuable, premium domains.

A digital presence is more attractive for visitors if it has a domain that’s easy to remember. With the introduction of new domain endings, Internet addresses may become more relevant for positioning in search engine results.

Donuts has reportedly become the first new gTLD registry to announce its first sunrise periods.

According to BrandShelter, part of the KeyDrive registrar group, nine of Donuts gTLDs will enter sunrise on October 29.

Finances International, Ltd. just announced they purchased the domain name for $500,000.

“ is to become home to one of the most interactive online portals dedicated to financial markets and financial management.

The contracts cover .kiwi, .futbol, .kitchen, .directory, .diamonds, .tips, .today, .enterprises, and .photography.

All but .kiwi, which will be run by Dot Kiwi Ltd, were Donuts’ applications.

I-Registry, which signed an ICANN Registry Agreement for the new gTLD .onl this week, plans to launch its Sunrise period on November 30, according to the company.

Google has signed its first Registry Agreement with ICANN, covering the new gTLD .みんな.

The string means “everyone” in Japanese.

ICANN has brought up its number of contracted new gTLDs to 32 with the signing of eight new Registry Agreements yesterday. covered the new gTLD program telling people that new gTLD are available to be registered now.

“New top-level domains now available”

“.online, .web, .ltd, .website, and .blog just some of the suffixes available”

The publication clearly has confused a pre-registration that many registrars and back order providers are offering with a domain registration.

On Monday, the first three registries passed the next phase in the gTLD timeline: Pre-Delegation Testing. This important milestone means that these gTLDs meet all requirements for operational stability and security, as stated in the Applicant Guidebook.

85 new gTLD applications passed ICANN Initial Evaluation today.

In a record setting week where 7 applications were send to extended evaluation and one geographic new gTLD failed the application process and is not eligible for extended evaluation.

General Motors looks set to leave the new gTLD program completely, after dumping its application for .chevy.

It’s the fourth of GM’s five dot-brand gTLD bids to be withdrawn after .chevrolet, .cadillac and .gmc.

ICANN’s string similarity objections are about to face a big challenge.

Demand Media subsidiary United TLD has lost an objection brought by Verisign against United TLD’s .cam domain name application.

105 new gTLD applications passed ICANN Initial Evaluation (IE) on Friday.

A few geographic area new gTLD’s passed including .Brussels;

The .CF registry has postponed General Availability until September 1, 2013

Boston Red Sox principal owner John Henry is going to buy  The Boston Globe.  The Boston Globe also owns and operates and is the sole applicant for the new gTLD .Boston for $70 million in cash.

According to a press release, Donuts, has committed 68 of its applied for new gTLD’s to a private auction that will be held  on August 13th.

The link between Trademarks and Domain Names has never been more evident.

– 1400 new TLDs, how will that affect your organization?

Three more new gTLD applications were withdrawn with ICANN today and two are very interesting.

Tucows, Inc. withdrew two of  its new gTLD applications one for .Media, just one week after another applicant Uniregistry dropped their application for .Media.

Total number of passing applications now 1,182 – view them here Applications passed


Source: ICANN

The four signed Registry Agreements are listed below and they will soon be posted on the website.

International Domain Registry Pty.

Patagonia, Inc, has withdrawn its application to operate the .Patagonia new gTLD.

Patagonia, Inc. has been in a well documented battle with Argentina over its application for .patagonia.

Yesterday 98 new gTLD’s passed ICANN initial evaluation (IE).

Highlighting this week was Google’s application for .App and the brand applications for .Jaguar;

Two more new gTLD applications were withdrawn and reflected on the ICANN site last night.

Straat which applied for 13 new gTLD’s withdrew their second application yesterday, this time for the new gTLD .Movie.

The City of Johannesburg is soon to have its own domain name .joburg, following the success of the initial evaluation phase of the new Top Level Domains (gTLD) project.

The results of the first six gTLD auctions are now available.

Donuts lost five out of the six auctions, and are now equipped with more money to fuel their efforts in future auctions.

On June 5, ICANN laid out a “best case scenario” for when the first new gTLD’s  might roll out.

According to a time line laid out by ICANN the first new gTLD could be delegated to the root as early as August 28, 2013 in which event the Sunrise notice for trademark and other rights holders for the new gTLD could start the following day August 29th.

The domain name has been sold for approximately $170,000, according to The buyer is .

According to whois records, the owner is still Mathew Walker of Cleveland.

By now most brand owners have heard of the changing domain name landscape.

Brand owners need to prepare for an increased threat of “cybersquatting”;

Group passes the initial ICANN evaluation; will NABP be the international policeman of online pharmacies?

Last week, the National Assn. of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP;

ICANN has extended Beta Testing invites to over 200 applicants and published an updated set of resource documents as part of our continuing effort to help applicants prepare for Pre-Delegation Testing.

gTLD registry giant Donuts, Inc. has announced its commitment of 63 strings in the first online applicant auction, to be held on on June 3.

Here are some of the most notable sales at Sedo during the past week. These are sales that were published after the latest Sedo report was released last Tuesday.

This past week, 3 more new gTLDs applications were withdrawn and their status was updated at the ICANN New gTLD website.

As reflected on ICANN’s website, three other new gTLD applications (for .Inc , .Ltd and .Mail) have been withdrawn, bringing the total number to 63.

Radix has withdrawn its new gTLD applciation with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the new gTLD .MOVIE.

Facebook earned a victory yesterday in its case against typosquatters — people with domain names similar to a popular site who aim to confuse and potentially profit from Web users.

Online retailer Amazon is facing opposition from Brazil and Peru over its claim for the .amazon global top-level domain name (gTLD).

.微博 (Wei-bo), .慈善 (charity), .微博 (microblogging), .cimb, .wme ,broadway, .astrium, .associates, .coach, .aaa, .chase, .app, .trading, .nra, .vip, .engineer, .voyage, .yachts, .live, .cpa, .swiss, .auction, .emerck, .site, .godaddy, .epson, .pictures, .schaeffler, .omega, .dental, .hermes, .xin, .flowers, .qvc, .bofa, .email, .hotel, .scb, .cymru, .bridgestone, .dot, .talk, .cab, .guru.

Those passing includes an .Eco application by Donuts, the application for .Green filed by, .Hiv and Google application for .Docs.

Starting June 11 2013, accented domain names will be available to register with the .be extension., the Belgian registry, decided to allow 33 characters, including all accented letters used in French, German and Dutch, and also in other languages such as Swedish, Finnish and Danish.

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Building upon last week’s release of results for the first 30 applications, today ICANN released Initial Evaluation (IE) results for the next set of applications with priority numbers 31-60.