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Brand Protection & Brand Monitoring

Who is using your brand online?

CoreBiz Solutions specializes in the monitoring of domain name purchase and sales sites, online auctions, social media, brands, mobile apps and digital phishing. A company’s brand is often a company’s most important assets.

Monitor intrusions!

Domain names have gained ground considerably in recent years. Assets in their own right, they are now part and parcel of a company and its public appearance. Therefore, it is of great importance for companies to protect their brands and trademarks as domain names. Unauthorized recording of Internet addresses can lead to enormous damage to a company’s image and economic losses.

Counterfeiting of trademarks is prohibited by law in virtually all countries in general, including within the EU. In 2006 in the EU alone Customs officers confiscated over 250 million counterfeit articles. Counterfeit goods are estimated to generate world trade losses of at least 250 billion US dollars annually, possibly up to $ 600 billion annually on products that never leaves their country of origin.

CoreBiz Solutions provides an ‘always on’ convenient monitoring service that gives you an easy and quick overview of registered domain names related to your brand and the brand name. This allows you to create a professional approach to protecting your domain names, trademarks and gain control over who uses your unique brands online. Where we detect abuse we will help you stop it fast.

Domain Monitoring

Auction Monitoring / Ecommerce

Automated solutions that notify you when your products are sold on E-Bay,, Taobao and Amazon sites around the world. Additional platforms may be added. Legal action can be handled by our support partners.

Social Media Monitoring
Monitors social media for instances of your brand as the user name, user ID, or description. Weekly monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
We identify the user name, profile info, group discussions or misuse of your brands online and help you navigate the complex take down procedures.

Brand Monitoring

Provides notifications of newly published / registered trademarks worldwide. Identical and confusing similar marks in any number of international classes for a competitive flat fee. Phonetic equivalents, translations and transliterations of brands included.
Tailor coverage to meet your needs, delivered electronically in easy to understand reporting formats.

APP surveillance

Apps have become increasingly important to the way information is exchanged in a mobile world. Given that there are over 1.8 billion smart phones in the world and nearly 1.3 million Android devices activated every day, it is obvious why the monitoring of Apps have become an important part of every IP protection program.

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