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New Generic Top Domains – NewGTLDs

New Campaign Page – Modernize and increase traffic!

By using our service “Campaign page new TLDs” CoreBiz can help you optimize the value of new gTLDs. We can also work with Google Adwords and SEO optimization drive new traffic to your main sites! Let us explain how!

New domains alter the Internet!

New domains – from business-focused domains like .shop, .store, .online, the geographical domains .london, .dubai, .stockholm. New domains offer distinct advantages over traditional domains.

Define your industry!

Companies, organizations and professionals can enhance their credibility and define their particular industry or sector with new gTLD such as .casino, .design, or .dentist. Our domain audit services can help you identify the right domains and those wasting away in your domain portfolio.

Create memorable URLs

URL and email forwarding are the easiest ways to start using your domains immediately. You can forward your domains to an existing website, and you can create e-mail addresses to forward messages to your existing mailbox.

.COM domain or New gTLDs in a Google Adwords campaign ?!

Google will search the new gTLDs?

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